Tucson, AZ

The definition of spirituality is different for each one of us, as we all experience things differently. It may come from our beliefs, or our connections to religion, nature or the universe.  Or it may be a result of being in tune with our environment and surroundings. 


My spirituality is rooted in the Catholic religion, but I’ve always had an extra sense to see and hear those that have passed on from this world. 


Growing up, my gift was easily dismissed by my parents and society.  Their not believing in it led to many years of me pushing it away.  I tried to convince myself that logically, I couldn’t be experiencing what I actually was.  I couldn’t, for instance, admit to “hearing voices” without sounding like a schizophrenic, so I didn’t.


About 14 years ago I finally accepted my tremendous ability.  I decided it was time to learn how to listen to it, and to use it as it was intended—to help people. 


Along with being a medium, I’ve come to understand the clairvoyant part of myself, as well.  While it has never revealed any type of future events to me, it has afforded me the opportunity to understand people’s life struggles and personal setbacks. It has also given me the ability to help people with empathetic insight, but with the vision of someone on the outside looking in. 


Since recognizing my abilities, I have been doing readings as a medium mostly for friends and their family and friends.  I’ve also read for people that I felt compelled to approach, when guided to do so.  


My goal now is to broaden my reach in order to help people heal, learn, and live their lives with the most humor possible.  I believe that laughter can heal almost all wounds, as well as guide us to achieve happiness during our journeys.


You will find that I do not fit the stereotype of what some picture a “spiritual” person to be.  I’m straight to the point and honestly blunt.  But I never judge anyone by what comes through during a reading,  as I am just another flawed person on his own personal journey.


No, I won’t have all of your answers.  Most of the time a reading, whether through the medium or clairvoyant part of me, will communicate what you need to hear, not what you want or expect to hear.  All I ask is that you come to me with an open mind.


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